The 5 Benefits of Good Nutrition

A lot of people can train hard but when it comes to nutrition, they fall short of the mark. Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge, discipline or whatever. It all has to come together or you will only achieve sub‐par results at best in the gym. If you have the nutrients constantly flowing into the bloodstream, then there is no shortage of materials to repair inflamed muscle tissue… BINGO!

Quite simply, nutrients need to be nearly constantly available. The idea is to keep the body supplied with just the right amount of fresh, ready to use nutrients to fuel us and build on the foundations that are already there, toward which we are pointing our gym efforts.

If the nutrient availability is up at an optimum level, myriad benefits can be achieved:

  1. Recovery – You will optimally begin to repair the damage that you are causing when you train (exercise‐induced inflammatory response), feeding the mass building process.
  2. Mental health and wellbeing – You will achieve a higher level of wellbeing when your body is in a positive state and so too your mind will benefit.
  3. Cardiovascular health – Blood pressure/cholesterol levels will reduce themselves with a healthy balance of overall health, reducing the chances of heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.
  4. Motivation – You will have more energy to achieve more in life, be it professionally or personally.
  5. Energy – Create a professional edge in your work environment. High energy can only be a good thing.

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