the TRI-FACTOR When it comes down to it, most people can nail one or two aspects of what needs to happen to enable them to achieve their objective. Unless you are genetically lucky, you really need to nail all three aspects of the equation… if you can get all of these things working together, optimal […]

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It all starts in the kitchen…

GET YOUR EDGE for SUMMER in the KITCHEN! If you wanna build or get those WASHBOARD ABZ OUT FOR SUMMER!?… then it all begins with getting your preparation in the kitchen  SPOT ON?   I use the very common rule of thumb that works very well generally speaking for most people. Aim for circa, 1-1.5 grams […]

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR AND SUMMER IS FAST APPROACHING We are at that point in time of the year, where I get that same old question fired at me… “Jo, what’s the best way to lose weight for summer?” YIP!… Let me help you drop that last few stubborn winter kilos by taking a […]

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Pros Simple sugars are not always taboo; we can take advantage of them after we train. By emptying the muscle of energy and damaging the tissue through, i.e. LiFTiNG heavyweights, endurance training, if the muscle uses preferably, all of its energy, we can take advantage by stimulating insulin levels. By taking high amounts of sugar […]

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SIMPLE SUGARS/DEVILS FOOD Hey Guy n Galls!! Simple sugars are very rarely going to do you any good. If you were to take the population’s obesity numbers, I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that sugar would be responsible for the biggest percentage of damage being done here. It is due to the […]

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If you are in the market for a fresh run at your training regime and feel like you need something that is totally different than the space you are currently using to do your conditioning work out of. Or you are just looking to get started in training and never stepped into a gym before, we […]

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