Welcome to LiFT Gym

Take a look around at our facilities and learn about our culture.

Our Culture

We’re a Boutique Gym based in the heart of Sydney, Darlinghurst. A local community operation. 

We have a super-friendly ViBE, and are a Low-key, high-performance bunch!



We are very well kitted out with mainly Cybex and Techno-Gym gear, needles to say the ergonomics of the equipment at LiFT are optimal. Even if you are coming in after surgery or in rehab, you will be good to go!


Our Pin-Loaded kit offers a wide range of Cybex equipment to help you achieve your goals, With a variety of push and pull movements. Perfect for keeping your strength and Conditioning goals in check and as far as rehabilitation goes, this kit has a 10/10 rating on the ergonomics front!

Free Weights

With four Barbell areas which are designed for bench press, deadlifting, Squats, etc, and four Dumbbell bench areas to assist you with the different angles that you need for variation and further gains. We have enough poundage to sink a ship! Australian Barbell is the standard needed to help you achieve your goal!