Let’s ZERO IN on the “FEASTive SEASON” FLAB!

Lets ZERO IN on the “FEASTive  SEASON’ FLAB!

Happy New Year Guys!!

Its time to loose those FEASTive kilo’s, lets face it… YIP! we all put them on over the festivities, where its FEAST after FEAST after FEAST.

The link bellow will give you all the information required to manage your weight and loose that couple of pounds a week in line to make you feel more comfortable in this heat. You don’t want to be carrying those extra KG’s.

Its all about:

  1. Identifying the specific differences in your daily energy requirements..
  2. Tweaking the the ratio of Carbs v’s Protein
  3. The frequency of your meal
  4. The size of your meals


So!! Their are a few simple determining factors that help you in  dropping weight that I can go over out of the cardio side of weight management. If you click on the link bellow and go to: “Portion size – Zero in” this will give you my take on how the different energy requirement days require you to make obvious adjustments to optimise your weight management potential. Its a simple education, easy to get your head around and eay to put into ACTION… Helping you get as a lean as possible without taking drastic measures..

These weight management tools will help you going forward and will not have you badly fluctuating in weight, simply because its not asking you to do anything that isn’t sustainable or un-health, you get on top of the body fat and keep control of the energy requirements as they daily change going forward.


All the best in 2017!!!