Hey Guy n Galls!!

Simple sugars are very rarely going to do you any good. If you were to take the population’s obesity numbers, I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that sugar would be responsible for the biggest percentage of damage being done here. It is due to the mass sugar consumption that more and more of the worldwide population is developing diabetes and obesity. We have an epidemic on our hands.

One of the ways the Pancreas works is to (when stimulated) move the macros around the body to deal with Carbohydrate/blood sugar distribution inflammation, repair, around the body. This is an awesome function when the stockpile in the Liver and the muscle cells are at the max… then that is when the fat storage begins. If you are stimulating your Pancreas to do its job without knowing it and the bod has all these full reserves then all you are doing is adding to the fat reserves, works well if you’re in the Arctic and you are a Polar Bear… Different body types will respond differently to simple sugars, but the majority of the population will simply stack on the fat!

The really cool thing is that if you start leaving them out of your calorie intake, you will obtain instant results. Simple sugars are in just about anything you get your hands on, especially that which is processed. If it tastes nice, I can pretty much guarantee that it has at least 5‐20 grams of sugar in it. Surely you’ve noticed the trend whereby advertisers market ‘healthy products’ that are 99% fat-free. To be quite honest, they are scams that take advantage of people not being educated. These products generally contain 20 grams plus of sugar. They produce a huge impact on the insulin levels every time! So it is good practice for a healthy lifestyle to leave the sugar out!

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