Simple sugars are not always taboo; we can take advantage of them after we train. By emptying the muscle of energy and damaging the tissue through, i.e. LiFTiNG heavyweights, endurance training, if the muscle uses preferably, all of its energy, we can take advantage by stimulating insulin levels. By taking high amounts of sugar post-training, we stimulate the proper function of the Pancreas/Insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that is even more anabolic (growth‐promoting) than testosterone. True story!

Insulin’s job is to deliver the nutrients straight to where they are needed most. There are enzymes that do the same job, however, insulin beats them hands down. It is an excellent practice to consume a big mix of complex carbs and between 40‐70 grams of simple carbs, i.e. sugars. Do not forget protein to obtain the best results and recovery from your training. And remember, insulin is more ‘anabolic’ than testosterone.


If, however, you are not training and are in no need of the sugar for fast energy replenishment or storage of blood/muscle glycogen levels, the body’s insulin levels will rise to do its work and yet there will be no stores that need replenishing. There is, therefore, nowhere for the energy to go but to your fat stores, so the insulin will deposit it all around your body’s fat stores because there is no need for it anywhere else.

Common sugar types

Just to make things harder, there are many different types of sugars, so let’s just leave them all together to make it as easy as possible. Some of the main types of sugars you will come across:

Glucose, Dextrose, Sucrose, Galactose, Lactose, Honey

The higher rating on the Glycemic Index the better for more effect on the Pancreas, stimulating more Insulin and making you more effective in recovery, giving you better results for your efforts.

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