Lynell Riley

I’ve been coming to Lift for 6 weeks now. I had been doing ashtanga yoga for 14 years and the last 2 years I couldn’t do deep backbends because my back hurt so much and the last 4 months my adductor had been sore, so even lunges caused me pain. I had been having chiro and myofacial release which was great for my body but didn’t fix the issues. So I rocked up to Jo who gave me a program to work on these areas. My adductor and back are no longer sore and today I was able to do¬†deep backbends with ease. I’m loving training at Lift and ironically no longer have a desire to go back to yoga but incorporate part of it into my training. Never in a million years did I think that would happen, and that’s largely because I love this gym and the atmosphere it provides. Super excited to be working with Jo and transforming my physique. A huge thanks to Jo, Anita, Alex and Coco!